Character. Cost: 3. STR: 2.

Guard. House Arryn. Knight.

Reaction: After you lose a challenge in which Ser Vardis Egen is defending, sacrifice him to choose an attacking character. Place it in shadows with a shadow token on it (cannot be saved). While that card is in shadows, it gains shadow (X). X is its printed cost.

Marc Simonetti
As High as Honor #26.

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Ser Vardis Egen

Rules FAQ

  • Even if Ser Vardis Egen removes the only attacking character from play, the challenge resolution still proceeds.

  • If the card you place in shadows has the printed shadow keyword, it will end up having two instances of the shadow keyword while it is in shadows, possibly with different costs. When that card is brought out of shadows, its controller chooses which instance of the shadow keyword is used.

Odrl 1249