House Targaryen. Loyal.
Event. Cost: 0.


Challenges Action: Until the end of the phase, each non-Dragon character without attachments gets -1 STR for each Dragon character you control with printed cost 7 or higher. (Max 1 per phase.)

"A dragon is worth more than any army. Aegon proved that three hundred years ago, upon the Field of Fire." Arstan Whitebeard
René Aigner
The Spoils of War #21.

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The Field of Fire

Rules FAQ

  • Event card effects engage the game state at the time they resolve. If an event card creates a lasting effect on a set of cards, only cards that are in play at the time the event card is played are eligible to be affected. Cards that enter play after the resolution of the event are not affected by its lasting effect. (See Event Cards.) Additionally, if a Dragon character leaves or enters play later in the phase, it will not raise or lower the STR of any character that was affected by The Field of Fire.
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