Character. Cost: 3. STR: 2.

Old Gods.

Insight. No attachments except Old Gods.

Reaction: After the plot phase begins, sacrifice Bloodraven to choose an opponent. You may look at that player's chosen plot card before you choose a plot card to reveal this phase.

Card design by 2022 Online World Champion, Alexandre Carry.

Marc Simonetti
A True Telling #17.

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Rules FAQ

  • Once a player has chosen a plot card to reveal, they are not allowed to change their choice.

  • In a 4-player melee game, the other three players would choose their plots at the same time, and the controller of Bloodraven would choose last (after looking at the chosen opponent’s plot card first). If multiple players trigger Bloodraven in the same phase, the order is adjusted so that everyone can look at the plots they are supposed to see before making their choice. For example, if player A chooses player B, and player B chooses player C, the order would be as follows: Players C and D would choose first. Player B would then choose after looking at player C’s chosen plot card. Finally, player A would choose last after looking at player B’s chosen plot card. The players would then reveal their plot cards simultaneously, as they would normally.

  • If two or more players trigger Bloodraven in the same phase and choose each other, creating a situation where not all lasting effects can be applied simultaneously, the first player chooses the order in which the lasting effects are applied. In other words, if two players both have permission to look at each other’s plot card before making their choice, the first player chooses which player can take advantage of that permission and which player cannot. Similar situation in melee, if A chooses B, B chooses C, and C chooses A. They cannot all happen, so it comes down to first player’s choice. (See Priority of Simultaneous Resolution.)

  • In a melee game, you are not allowed to show the plot to another player when you look at it. However, you may verbally share any hidden information you have learned. When you do, you are not required to tell the truth. (See Hidden Information.)

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