Nothing Fools me Like a Fool (QTDSB). 1st Place @ Local Tour

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Bragonlair 204

1)Play #Patchface. 2) Copy Him. 3)Play #Butterbumps and eventually #Motley on opponent's big boy. 4) Go full steam towards triumph.


Basura 1

Best deck ever sbaaaaaam!!!!

UrosK 13


faithon 20

is nice deck

Palpa 1

I played against this one at Thrones. I didn't get the strategy (I won before I did :P). I also wonder why to put one copy of every nice card to find is good: the probability to draw a specific card is low. Could you elaborate a little more on the strategy and on the matchups in your local tournament?

rudegnappo 5

Envy is a very ugly beast

Alice@WL 55

Love it