Hate (Winner Stockton Regional 2017, Top 4 Manchester Region

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jcwamma 1749


I Hate the world today. Winter is Coming and I know I'll raise the claim. Tried to tell you but you look at me like maybe I've got no more tricks in hand - I'll just trigger Jojen's stand.

Last game I played Varys. Must've been relieved to see me play cost-six. I can understand how you'd be so confused. I don't envy you. I'm several micro-aggressions, all rolled into one.

Use Sea Bitch, make it tougher, Play a Ward, steal another, I'll march your last defender or I'll use The North Remembers, My low curve doesn't care and leaves you pulling out your hair, makes you regret your choice to ever even play.

Summer triggers, it's true. And then The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due. Rest assured that when I start to make you nervous with all my self-discarding, I'll just trigger Flea Bottom, none of it will mean a thing.

Play Sea Bitch, take your Wall Then sac' it, like a tool, Flea Bottom's really great - it makes me feel ashamed. Harrenhal makes you scream, and Iron Mines saves me, makes you regret your choice to ever even play.

Just when you think you've got me, figured out, The focus is already changing. I think it's cool, Iron Bank Has Its Due, And don't try to save it.

Sac' Sea Bitch, steal locations, This deck it severs all relations. It clears opponents boards, lets you power like a lord. It's got such a low curve, it really is absurd, makes you regret your choice to ever even play.

This Sea Bitch, it's a tease, I take without saying please, When you hurt, when you suffer, I'll attrition another. These champ cards, power creep, is this level here to keep or will restriction come and lock it all away??


jcwamma 1749


Round One - Bye

Round Two - Win Vs Sam (Martell Kraken)

Round Three - Win Vs Wedge (Stark Watch)

Round Four - Win Vs Stefan (NW Wolf)

Round Five - Loss Vs Keb (Greyjoy Stag)

Top Four - Loss Vs Josh (Martell Wolf)


Round One - Win Vs Ste (Martell Alliance)

Round Two - Win Vs Sweeney (Stark Fealty)

Round Three - Loss Vs Josh (Stark Summer)

Round Four - Win Vs Wedge (Targ Rose)

Top 8 - Win Vs Andrew (Stark Fealty)

Top 4 - Win Vs Tom (Targ Fealty)

Final - Win Vs Wedge (Targ Rose)

Happy to answer any questions on the deck.

Acloakofred 1

Bravo ser. Bravo ❤️

imabunneh 327

2 Wex?

slanderandlies 50

Seems like Josh is a bad match up, any changes you could make to shore up that weakness?

Baronerosso 155

well done james!

Itachi 1

Ser, you are an artist!

Justicar2016 1


Benrik 1

Hey, so what is the typical opening plot for this deck :) ?

jcwamma 1749

Thanks for the kind words people. 2 Wex because Wex is good. There's no improving the Josh matchup unless you change pilots.

Most common opening plot was Varys's Riddle. There are a couple of plots it can backfire against, but usually the worst case scenario is hitting a blank economy plot and winning initiative, which is hardly bad; and sometimes, the opponent opens Harvest or Counting or something like that and gives you a real boost.

Amoon 1

Dirty! I like it!