NW Wildling Winter Brotherhood

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scantrell24 2469

Brotherhood decks need double use from their keyword-bestowed character for maximum impact, and this deck achieves just that between Jon Snow, The Frozen Shore, and Crow Killers. Unfortunately, most Winter plots have low initiative (and generally aren't very good), but this deck has potential if there's ever an influx of new Winter tech.


miksalvarez 1

Hey! Nice deck, I'm going to try it with a couple modifications! What do you think about cutting Scaling the Walls to include some Hand's Judgments?

scantrell24 2469

Thanks! I wanted location control to deal with Painted table, but HJ could work instead depending on the meta.

Palpa 1

Cool Deck! Finally a Brotherhood-synergy that seems good (I myself tried Lannister and Tyrell - mediocre). And It is a way to play NW again without wall, builders, Queenscrown and the shitstorms they cause. I just dont like the plots, as you said yourself. I'll try a version without winter (knowing that I will have less stand).

scantrell24 2469

Thanks! I've since made a few changes, so I'll post an update next week maybe. Losing the Winter plot and Frozen Shore hurts the original purpose of the deck (to re-use the same intimidate/insight/renown character three times), but will probably make it better overall.

chriswhite 1

I have tried to make Frozen Shore work and it really just seems like a garbage card, even in a deck designed specifically around Winter Wildlings.

scantrell24 2469

Yeah I've since built another version without frozen shore and the winter plots.

Skas 16

What did you change ?

S. Ky 25

I have played this deck a couple times with mixed results. I think the plot deck really needs a reset and First Snows isn’t tough enough.