The Git Down Stay Downs

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Clu 81


celric 263

I see 0 stay down in this deck. Only Git Down.

Clu 81

Fair. 1 out of 3 stars. Would not play. ;) The original had Stinking Drunk and Frozen Expanse but I found the regular kneel works fine. It should just be The Git Downs at this point.

CMonster907 21

Why no Beric? He synergies with the Rhllor kneel tech. -1 Rattleshirt +1 Beric?

Clu 81

He kept getting melted by nightmares and Targ. I'm not saying he's bad, he just let me down a couple games.

Happyfarmer 2

Where Stannis

Clu 81

Loyal, so I can't play him with the agenda or I would!