Targ Brotherhood Freys: 3-2 at Summerhall

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Targ Brotherhood: Walder Frey OP Restrict 3 2 4 1.0
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Walder Frey, The Secret Targaryen Loyalist. 0 0 0 1.0

scantrell24 2794

Finally there's a deck for Walder Frey, and while it's not tier 1, it is fun, challenging, and satisfying to pilot when the pieces come together. Here's a quick recap of my day at Summerhall in Atlanta. Feel free to ask any questions or make suggestions if you're playing something similar.

Thanks to everyone who made the trip! Based on positive feedback we'll probably use the triathlon format (joust+draft+melee) again next year.

Rd 1 vs Brad E. with Night's Watch Wolf I didn't see enough economy locations early, and therefore couldn't marshal enough characters to keep up with the attrition of Ward, Marched, and Mutiny.


Rd 2 vs John M. with Night's Watch Wolf He had a stellar setup of Roseroad, Messenger Raven, White Tree, and Harrenhal. I used Counting Coppers and Insight from the agenda early to dig for answers, and found Lay Siege to remove Harrenhal. I also saw both Rattleshirts this game and they kept him from being able to Ward or FroSo. Hand's Judgment on a Mutiny was key as well.


Rd 3 vs Phil G. with Stark Stag I used Intimidate early to prevent him from making many challenges, then Wildfire cleaned up the board a bit on turn 4. Afterwards I got the Walder Frey + Frey Lordling + Seal machine going.


Rd 4 vs Chris T with Night's Watch Wolf The combination of character control (Recruiter for the Watch, Marched, etc) plus location control (multiple Frozen Solids) made it impossible to get anything positive going on my side of the board.


Rd 5 vs Daniel with Lanni Rains He setup Tywin + chud (no Roseroad though). I won initiative and used intimidate for a couple rounds to prevent Rains triggers. Turn 3 or 4 he revealed First Snow, which really destroys my deck, but I was able to marshal an Astapor and bestow 0 gold, then get it to 3 gold from the plot bonus plus both Unbridled Generosities. That allowed Walder to defend and win Jaime's military challenge 3 to 2. The next round Flea Bottom + Plaza started rolling and I was able to win with Walder + Frey Bastard + Frey Lordling.



tonythetiger891 40

Was night's watch wolf a big thing there? That's quite a lot of choke you played against. Any ideas for card changes to adapt in retrospect?

scantrell24 2794

I just happened to face all 3 NW Wolf that were in the field. This deck has a chance against a character attrition deck (say, Martell Fealty) or location destruction deck (say, Greyjoy Rains). but both together is difficult to overcome.

I'm happy with the list. All of the plots were useful at times, though Wildfire could become Marched depending on the meta.

Zouavez 1

Love this deck and glad to see your revisions. I've found that Walder Frey is critical to the success of the deck so I'm playing Summons.