Tyrell Brotherhood 2nd at local tournament in Rome

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Baronerosso 155

Not more than a funny deck, but enough to win against aleguida.

builded on the wc few hours before the event, i think to some change!

dedicated to all tdf group and simone fanecco ( miscredent friend <3)


Markdrive82 113

Bravo Ale - the deck was very interesting and you have a ton of crazy triggers

Lawyer 337

i'm trying the agenda with my beloved greyjoy. This agenda is really understimated. Ask to Drive Jr that see the deck in action on throneteki :D

grats! i'm like you, if i like the agenda, i will give to it a chance!

i'm just curious about 1x Rattleshirt i'm really appreciated him with this agenda

Baronerosso 155

Thank you dave @Lawyer, rattleshirt is good! He's ability + intimidate and str5 is a must for me :)