2017 Canadian Nationals King of Swiss and Top 4

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Thursday 84

Not much to say about this one - play big guys, get all types of great economy. Three of my games were recorded, watch them on Rob St. John's channel:



The top four match is in the livestream but you really don't need to watch it. I got destroyed by a horrible setup and first turn and Rob played pretty much perfectly. But if you'd like to revel in the abject humiliation and destruction of a Lanni player by all means seek it out.

This is not an aggressive deck - all kill events have been removed in order to add more cancel and blanks. Likewise Valar was replaced with First Snow, and two Late Summer Feasts were added, replacing Marched and Retaliation. All you need to do is get out big characters and protect them, build up power and stop them from doing the same. Valar Dohaeris will almost assuredly kill this deck but I imagine I'll still try to play around it when it releases. The economy is good enough that you might be able to reconstruct your board well enough if you keep a few key duplicates back.

The deck went undefeated in Swiss, then fell in the top four to Rob playing his Greyjoy Rains. I was able to beat two others playing similar decks to his in Swiss so I think it's got the goods, but I'd need to play against Rob a few more times to know. Also enjoyed victories over two Lanni Rains (actually the same player in Swiss and top 8), Bara Fealty, and Lanni Kraken.

Lastly, check out the Insight and Renown podcast, featuring myself and Chris Schoenthal! http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/index.html/_/game-of-thrones/insight-and-renown-returns-from-the-dead-pile-r2233


iaan 17

Looks great. Did you consider political disaster I've seen numerous Lanni/Rains decks that only ran the 9 limited locations and played it. Do you think it isn't needed or could it provide answers for some problems?

Thursday 84

@iaanI've never really felt the need - the reserve is terrible and there's a good chance it's a wasted plot in a ton of matchups. Even in the matchups where it would be nice, you can usually play around the problem locations.

Amoon 1

Well done on your great performance with the best evergreen deck! Put to the Torch is such a good meta call these days.

Animal 42

My current build is really similar to this, 4 plots are different and 4 cards :)