House Tully

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Manschki 9

This is my Tully Deck, which I think is not too bad. I would be glad if anybody gives feedback to improve this even more.


urchin 20

You absolutely want summer, probably jojen and dacey. You also want these guys to die be sac'd so maybe reduce the 3x of ser edmure, hoster tully and the septon to get a few more kill able targets. Jayne westerling is nice for standing Blackfish to get him pumped faster as is Jon Snow who would be better in Edmures slot entirely,

Manschki 9

@urchinfirst of all, thanks for your feedback, and I think, your adviceses are really usefull. But I want to play Edmure, because 1. He is a Tully character, so he has renown while attacking with Hoster Tully, 2. his ability of steeling power can be great to finish blackfish faster, and in combination with The Tumblestone it can also stand your blackfish And if you want to stand your characters, why dont play more The Tumblestone?