Building a Mill [In Search of Jank]

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ChannelDelibird 1068

Better pillage decks are available (Tywin and Corpse Lake, I'm looking at you) but, for my money, this is the most consistent available build that aims to win specifically by decking the opponent.

The list is discussed at length here, but the gist is simple: use Veteran Builder and Flea Bottom to get multiple Queenscrown triggers per round while using the Reader, pillage and Dragon's Tail/Annals to relentlessly chip away at the opponent's deck. Milk stuff that wins quicker than you do.

Not a competitive deck, but a little more competitive than it should be.


euphius 249

I'll argue for my GJ/Lion mill deck for running people out of cards faster. Adds Without his Beard, tickler, and lots of pillage. Queen's Crown works great with Corpse Lake, though.

ChannelDelibird 1068

My understanding of Corpse Lake is that it doesn't interact with Queenscrown. QC 'places in discard pile' and Corpse Lake is strictly worded 'discarded from deck'. Similar to Heads on Spikes placing in dead pile rather than 'killing'.

Re: GJ/Lion, while I can imagine that it mills faster, I think specifically that the Queenscrown version mills more consistently, although it's probably a pretty close-run thing in truth. Both are great fun to play.