Dark Wing Dark Thorns - Top32@Stahleck 2017

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Nimer 2103

This is the deck I played at the castle. WARNING: this deck IS NOT optimized. I had very few time to test and tune it, and even if my usual friends and some people at the castle did help me speeding up the tuning process, I felt during the tournament that some choices were suboptimal.

That said, this is one of the funniest deck I ever played in this second edition: the new Queen of Thorns is awesome and it allows you to play DWDW style granting so many options and tricks that you can have a huge control over the game. Most of my opponents were amazed by the interactions I was able to pull out, even if they granted me the victory :D.

The idea of the deck is to use small characters with amazing "come into play" effects, and to balance their weak bodies with growing strong 3x (which can become 6-8x during a game... :P).

All the big lords and kings are 1x as they are there only to give you a win condition once you got rid of your opponents threats and/or resources: the hidden thorns + spider's web combo, paired with first snow and weapons at the door can easily get rid of most of the decks' threats in a single turn, and so does a well timed varys -> valar.

Things I would change:

  • Military icons are too few: I thought Syrio could balance it but he's too expensive. Maybe Jon Fossoway could help but I feel like I need more military icons.
  • The Hightower 2x: there is no real reason not to play it 3x. I don't know why I was playing only 2 to be honest... maybe too many beers the day before??? :D
  • Counting Coppers: I think I never went to a tournament without that plot before and I felt "naked" without it. Maybe with 3x Hightower it could be better, and sometimes you overdraw each turn. But having a tool to draw when (and if) you need it is too strong. Still, I really don't find a plot I could cut (suggestions will be appreciated a lot :D). I was playing 2 Pleasure Barge in the beginning and I removed them in favor of 1x support of the people and The Mander, and I think this choice fits better in this deck.
  • 1x Events: this really depends on the meta you're expecting: lay siege and Tears are awesome alternatives.

As usual, thanks to everyone who did contribute in testing and developing the deck.

I published this list because I hope that more players will enjoy it as much as I did, and maybe you could help me in the development if you wish.

See ya



adam_geek 422

Learned from here, thx mate.

adam_geek 422

I found Hightower is a little bit chock without mace in my deck. And I’m prettty worried about the Cold Burns

Schwaig 33

Really liked your deck while losing against it. Thx for sharing the list!

Nimer 2103

Thanks guys! @adam_geekHightower is broken. There are a couple of "claim soaks" for nothing burns, you should be fine. ;)