Aemon's anger

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scottludwig 2

Hello all, So this is a deck I made up because I really like the ability of the Maester Aemon that came out in WotW. I will say that the use of veteran builders in conjunction with flea bottom, Castle Black, and The Shadow Tower was an idea I got from watching one of the 2017 world matches that was up on you tube thanks to Rob's Gaming Table. The rest of the deck was all my idea for better or worse.

The object is to use 2 claim plots to keep pressure on the opponent and then be able to trigger Master Aemon's Card ability to compound that pressure. I went with the Banner of the sun to provide icon manipulation and the ability to deny the opponent the chance to initiate challenges. The night watch provides Master Ameon, characters with stealth, strength manipulation in challenges, the ability to deny the opponent the chance to initiate challenges, and the ability to make characters ineligible to be declared as attackers. The Crow killers work well in conjunction with the low reserve value on the two claim plots so they usually provide one or two characters with intrigue and military icons that do not kneel to attack. The wildling bows helps in pushing through your own attacks.

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