How about NOPE? (Permission Counter to WW, HV, Big Brienne)

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celric 263

You've got 3 great plots to play against Annals in case they have it at 2x. Fortified Position, Forgotten Plans, Barring the Gates. Rickon wreks Wheels within Wheels and lots of other search effects. Bran, Catelyn, Winterfell, Begging Brother, Nightmares, Judgements, Pack Survives, all just let you say NO. Greywind + Rob kills key combo pieces. Like Warm Rain let's your little beasts kill their beast. Crossing lets you stay in the game if it's a more traditional rush while letting you have more than 15 neutrals. Stop complaining about the game being "destroyed" or "NPE." Man up and play a counter. Sub in 3x Strangler as desired.


GreatGopher 7

"Stop complaining about the game being "destroyed" or "NPE." Man up and play a counter."

Thank you so much for this attitude. I'm so sick of seeing complaints about people building decks that work well from the cards that are available to them. I've never had a game ruined for me because "combo decks exist", but I have had games ruined for me because the player base grew too petty and toxic (Hearthstone, here's looking at you). It's especially irksome because, as you pointed out, we already have access to plots which can shut down these strategies hard.

Ranting aside, how has this deck done against non-combo? Also, why no Summer - it seems like he would be perfect with all the sacrifice and Flea Bottom shenanigans, and he's a Direwolf to boot.

ststripper 162

I took this deck to a Nationals. What a terrible idea! :D

I love the idea of stopping all the combos, but this one is an overkill IMO.

This deck uses all its got to stop combo, and there is nothing left for other match ups.

For that reason I don't think that this one is a good idea for ompetitive play :)

The lack of draw and saves really messes this deck up.

So if you tweak that then this might be a bit more balanced, i think.

ststripper 162

forgot to mention:

I lost 5 out of 6

I only won vs another Stark Crossing that was experimenting too :D