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jeermaster 776

I've been enjoying this list a lot lately, and quite a few of my opponents were also curious about it, which is why I decided to publish it. The first CP of the new cycle helped a lot: Valar Dohaeris is the reset of choice, while Traitor to the Crown and Queen's Men help shore up the deck's previous weaknesses. But what I like most about the deck is that features a lot of neat little combos you can explore and, most importantly, leads to interactive and engaging gameplay. If I had to find a point of comparison, I'd say it plays a bit like Lannister did in 1st edition.

Anyway, if you're yearning for some soft control action, give the deck a spin! I hope you find your games with it as engaging as I do.


imperial 1

Hi! just a question, how are your setups usually? you have a lot of char with enters play effect, did you just waste their reaction? I notice that you do not run a lot of char, is this a problem for you? the current meta is full of rush and ValarD it's not enough to stop them i think

celric 399

It took me forever to figure out when HFK would be good, but your opponent will usually have a chump for you to discard after VD to seize a lot of board control, right?

jeermaster 776

@imperial The deck usually sets up 3-4 cards. And yes, you will have to get used to placing characters with enter-play abilities in your setup. The overall number of characters is quite low but the high character quality makes up for it. Every character you draw should be gas. In particular, no dreaded reducer chud top decks during the late game. Lastly, if you're having trouble against rush, switching out Confiscation or Trade Routes for Your King Commands It seems like a solid plan.

@celric Yeah, in some games your HFKs will only discard chuds. On the plus side, that means your opponent played a ton of meaningless small characters. That being said, Visited by Shadows makes HFK much better, as each copy increases your effective HFK range by one. And you can often sneak in free HFK triggers by playing the man and immediately returning him with TIBWHID. Overall, I've been satisfied by their performance.

imrahil327 124

I definitely like the concept here, and I'm gonna build it and try it for sure. A couple of specific things I'm wondering about: •With all of the kneel other than Mel being "Str 4/3 or less" does it ever have issues with bigger characters? Seems like a Tywin by itself could cause issues if you don't find Mel, and even with her you don't have infinite Rhllor. I definitely understand slots being tight but I could see a couple of the kneel events (esp consolidation) being made into Even-Handed Justice, which is another solid Snapcaster target •Duel seems like a great card for this deck, was it ever in?

jeermaster 776

In the newer version of the deck I have replaced the Consolidations with In the Name of Your King! (2x) and an additional Dragonstone Port (1x). ITNOYK and Traitor to the Crown keep the bigger characters at bay long enough for you to find Mel and play her on the Valar D turn. I've been experimenting with the plot deck as well, but I'm not sure if you need duel in addition to Valar D. Seems a bit redundant. I'd only recommend it if you're facing nothing but big character good stuff decks in your meta. Nevertheless, if you're going to try out Even-Handed Justice, I'd be interested in your findings.

r480 134

Have you toyed with this lately, @jeermaster?

jeermaster 776

@r480 (On the off chance you're still checking for a reply.) I played a lot of Baratheon before the Sands box came out. My current list is much more controlling and less concerned about board presence. It loses pretty convincingly to Heads on Spikes but is decent against everything else. However, I haven't had the chance to test it in the sands meta yet. Here's the link, if you're interested: thronesdb.com