Warming up the Winter 9-1 Winter Festival (Runner up)

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gengisinclair 122

i played this deck at "Winter Festival" in Turin. (76 players)

  • Swiss:
  • 1) Targaryen Rains of Castamere(w)
  • 2) Greyjoy Lord of the Crossing(w)
  • 3) Lannister Lord of the Crossing(w)
  • 4) Targaryen Fealty(w)
  • 5) Targaryen Lord of The Crossing(w)
  • 6) Tyrell Rains of Castamere(w)
  • Cut:
  • 1) Tyrell Rains of Castamere(w)
  • 2) Targaryen Lord of the Crossing(w)
  • 3) Stark Rains of Castamere(w)
  • 4) Martell Fealty(l)

Some details:

Besieged: i love this card. I normally play it as a second or third plot, the high initiative allows you to start first in most cases. If you are the first player you can probably activate Rains, play Dracarys or just counter the opposing characters. obviously if you are not the first player you are actually fucked, so it's better to analyze carefully when to play it, but can be a vary good Plot.

Forgotten Plans: I had doubts about this plot. I chose it because I feared annals but i prefer Wheels normally.

Heads on Spikes: Brienne of Tarth (HoT) The Knight of Flowers (HoT)

Daario Naharis: I suspected there were so many targaryen. so I decided to put Daario because they are full of companions and allies. sometimes i play it just to call opposite's Doaheris. Normally this slot is for the third Second Sons

Blood of My Blood: I like it because it surprises the opponent and give you a good board advantage against the opponent. i like to have not a lot of characters on the board and BomB helps to make numerical advantage. Ovbioulsy normally i take Qotho so i can have it the next round.

Valar Dohaeris : i needed e removal against Tyrell, Stark and Greyjoy, and considering the many low costs characters in the deck is difficult to cause damages to me.

this deck allows me to participate in various challenges even having few characters on the board (Plaza of Pride Flea Bottom Blood of My Blood Waking the Dragon ). Also Grey Worm and Astapor optimize the challenges I launch.

One night, I went to a bar, I was with a woman. We talked all night. We laughed, we flirted, I paid for several drinks of hers. At around 5am, a guy came in, grabbed her by the arm and took her to the bathroom. He made love to her and she left with him. That doesn’t matter, because I had most of the possession on that night. (cit. Coach Sampaoli)


servetz 30

Too fucking strong, it's a shame you couldn't win the final match, but let's be honest, Fabiano is overpowered (and i actually was cheering on him :P)

Lawyer 418

Good Job! A great rematch of fhe national for us! Heads on Spike on Viserion FTW!

Lo chiamano drago infame mica per niente :P

SpiriT 166

Congrats on your run. Could you please explain more in detail why do you like Besieged? And why going first on that turn is so important?

Can't they simply defend as usual?

fulvio.laneve 7

Great job and congrats!

Pao 24

@SpiriTAs a Targ player I can see it's advantages. Going first means they HAVE to defend so at the very least you're kneeling out their board. But at the same time, if they have to put a character in and they have no chud defense (which for a lot of challenges, they won't), it's a perfect opportunity to burn a character down. If your opponent goes first, they kneel out your board instead and you don't really get the full effect of the plot.

As to the deck, I like it! I've been thinking of Targ Rains for my SC season outings. I've been testing VD but it hasn't fared too well. I often find I play against small boards anyways and Dohaeris hurts me more. Plus it does nothing for one of the weaker matches, NW (builders is still a thing!). For that reason I also cut Wildfire from my schemes. Again small boards or it is harder to get off later against big boards. But it's meta dependent for sure. Hell I've been thinking of running both Valars to hedge my bets against the field.

euphius 257

I ran a deck at Red Saturday (going 4-2) that played similarly with Banner Rose for HoT Marge to make Beseiged a double whammy. Worse yet for them when I could pretty much choose how and when they knelt their board and could set it up so I could still win at least 2 of the challenges as well. Running the same idea out of Rains is doubtlessly more powerful...but I always fall victim to the desire to have fun jank in my deck.