Lannister Council & Conclave

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S. Ky 25

I was making a Conclave deck and noticed that Grand Maester Pycelle has both the Maester and Small Council traits. I got to thinking that since Conclave lends itself to intrigue challenges and so do Lannister and Small Council cards to try to see if I could get these to synergize well.

It's heavy on attachments to leverage the power of the Citadel Novices and get Maester's Chains on the board for condition removals and Syrio's Trainings to cover the deck's lack of military cards. Hopefully Healing Expertise can manage some saves but I see most uniques that don't have duplicates as fairly expendable.

Looking for advice and critiques, especially in the Plot selection. Thanks!


S. Ky 25

It would probably be good to replace Counting Coppers with Building Orders.

kweeny 23

Hi, not necessarily about the plots, but you are missing some limited locations. With only 2 gold plots 4 limited locations is not a lot.