House With a Red Barbecue( Burn Control)

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None. Self-made deck here.
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Red BBQ 2 1 1 2.0

Tj13 151

first draft of old school burn control with all the new tools


celric 399

Personally, I want to keep a full hand when playing Targ. You may like going 2x on Flea Bottom and 2x Astrapor to add 2x Shadowblack Lane or 1 Lane and 1 Littlefinger.

MiSiO 273

I am also considering The House With the Red Door instead of Fealty. You use it to get Plaza of Punishment, right? Had the same idea... But my question is. Is it worth it with a Ron of loyal cards Targ has? 4 events, locations and characters...

Martozar 228

@MiSiO I've tried very similar deck with Red Door and Fealty. Must say Fealty is better choice because of number of loyal cards. And IMHO Plaza of Punishment isnt the best card to play with The House With the Red Door agenda. In some matchups its almost useless (Tyrells, Lannisters) and against Starks (or Banner of the Wolf) it's almost dead agenda due to Frozen Solid. But yeah, I really love the idea of putting your key location into play just right in setup, but I don't think, that Plaza of Punishment worths it :)