Ladies Gone Wild

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Gagz36 2

I need to weed out some attachments, and probably add economy, any advise is appreciated.


celric 263

You are playing 1 loyal Bara Lady. This would be stronger as Stark banner Stag so you could include Cat and the Mormont Ladies (and their MIL icons) and you'd still have the core Mel.

Borgio 104

With only 1 neutral character Tithe does not make much sense. May be a fun idea, but i would go with Celric, try it the other way arround, Stark/Stag

euphius 176

I've played around with a Tyrell/Alliance (Stag/Wolf) ladies deck that was a lot of fun. Silver Hair Net plays nicely with Marya, Six Maids gives burst draw, and All Men Are Fools provides a boosted win condition. The deck seems like a terrible jank combo deck but it weirdly has won a bunch online. Assuming other players weren't playing competitive decks either.