I’m Dreaming of a White Treemas

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ChannelDelibird 887

Christmas: a time for charitable giving, for offering gifts and food, for getting smashed on all manner of poisonous drinks, for singing traditional songs, and for having to welcome those two nephews everyone hates.

60 cards instead of 61 because I left room for the Ghost of Chapter Packs Yet to Come.

Happy holidays of whatever persuasion to you and yours!

(PS, yes I know I forgot Brandon’s Gift. Serves me right for leaving it til late on Christmas Eve)


Duckbringer 31

what's silver hair net there for?

ChannelDelibird 887

It seemed like a suitably fancy gift. I’d have cut ‘em for Brandon’s Gift if I’d remembered it.

Reader 137

Frostfangs is a nice gift.

Happy Xmas and a Merry new year buddy ;)

NastyJack 1

@SaniOsa to put on the messenger ravens duh

Von Wibble 179

Alliance to Baratheon for Stinking Drunk and White Raven? Cressen with his christmas decoration on the artwork and Chamber of the Painted Table to eat the food at would also fit.