Play to Lose (Martell, Red Door)

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ChrisChris 427

A recent Facebook poll suggested that Martell have the fewest good options for The House With the Red Door. I suggest that poll was wrong. I would like to go even further in defying conventional wisdom by suggesting you don't really need to win challenges. I know this has been done before with no-character Martell Stag decks, but they kept the board small with Unexpected Delay and softened the blow with Burning on the Sand and Vengeance for Elia. No such help here. We are going to win by breaking our characters against their defenses until we win.

The key to this, of course, is The Boneway. With Hellholt support, it is our win condition. Just keep making challenges and racking up vengeance tokens and converting them to power. Simple. If they start to get wise to your plans and let your challenges through, hit them with Besieged and force them to defend. Of course, if your opponent is letting you win challenges, you're probably in a pretty good position. For a dumb trick, pull your own character from the challenge with Areo Hotah to activate Hellholt.

Lingering Venom, Condemned, Dornish Spy, Nymeria Sand and Southron Messenger all provide some control options if your opponent is trying to rush you out. Don't let them.

Otherwise it's basic Martell tricks and nonsense. Flea Bottom, Arianne Martell, the usual.

Try to avoid matching up against Greyjoy or dominance-Baratheon. That should help you win. Prioritize killing good Catelyn Stark, too. It's pretty lame when Stark win just by shoving a single power challenge down your throat every turn.

Game, set, match.

You're welcome.


chriswhite 1

You have no attachment removal. So... a single Frozen Solid will ruin your deck...?

ChrisChris 427

Maester of Sunspear has your back there and gives you more value for losing.

Dark293 20

Yeah i have done the Greenblood for red door with Viper shenanigans.