For calling birds: 12 Decks of Christmas

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OKTarg 26

Here and back again: an installment of the 12 decks of Christmas brought to you by the Jank Tank!

The fourth day of Christmas is a truly special one, on which my true love gave to me four calling birds. And wouldn't you know it: that's the perfect number to celebrate the four major bird types in Westeros. We have Crows, Ravens, Sparrows, and Actual Birds. Each of the cards in this deck list are designed to celebrate in a sweet songbird symphony one of those four categories.

Let's start with Plots, since that's what's at the top of your screen here. We have a Feast for Crows (crows), Calling the Banners x2 (they didn't give birds; they gave Calling Birds!), Calm Over Westeros (what's that in the art? Is it a plane? Is it Superman? No! It's a Bird!), Forgotten Plans (1x Alt Art version with the Raven on it), Retaliation (I think there's carrion birds circling the battlefield in this art?) and Valar Morghulis (featuring yet more wasteland birds!)

Are you getting excited yet? Well, even so, let's turn to characters.

Bringing with them the Sparrows, we have 3x Begging brother and 1x High Septon. If that's not Sparrowy, I don't know what to tell you.

We've also got several Crows, so let's proceed alphabetically through them. We've got the Builder at the Wall, whose art features him building a birdcage. Three Chetts, who was the Crow in charge of Returning Ravens to the Hand after they enter the discard pile. We've got Crow Killers (a different type of Crow entirely), 1x Lord Snow, the High Crow, 1x Old Bear, 3x each Recruiter for the Watch and Yoren, (both of whom sport the Wandering Crow trait), and 1x Samwell, the Crow in charge of keeping the Ravens.

And what of those Ravens? We have a lot of Maesters who love to send them: Archmaester Ebrose, House Maesters, Aemon, Cressen, and Pylos.

For Actual Birds: 3x Messenger Ravens and 3x White Ravens.

Rounding out the character base, we have 3x Dragonstone Faithful, who appear to be scattering birdseed, 3x Varys, the keeper of the Little Birds, and 1x Patchface, because Patchface Meta.

The attachments are certainly self-explanatory: Little Birds and Old Bear's Raven are so on the nose that even a Jaime player can figure them out. The locations are just for money, but we also sport a Northern Rookery for our Ravens to live in and a White Tree for our actual birds to live in.

Our event base is great: 2x Take the Black, making anyone a crow, and 1x Words are Wind, an homage to the windy man whose words we love to wheedle about.

There it is: a 61 card deck dedicated to Calling Birds. They said it couldn't be done. Maybe it just shouldn't have been done.

What have I missed? What should be in here instead? We'd love to hear from you in the comments....look forward to tomorrow where Five Golden Rings get their time in the sun! Will there be accompanying MIDI yelling? One can only hope.....


_PapaSmurf_ 1

What's about Little Finger, His coat of Arms shows a Bord too.

_PapaSmurf_ 1

Or early frost instead of retalitation