Five Golden Rings (An L5R Deck)

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Welcome, welcome. Come one and all to the fifth entry in the 12 Decks of Deckmas, "Five Golden Rings."

If you're one of those "gifted individuals" who wish to play Legend of the Five Rings with A Game of Thrones cards, look no further! Here, we find a deck of the mighty Lion Clan, using their traditional role, Keeper of Fire, as selected by our mighty Shogun at this past Winter Court.

As a noble samurai such as yourself can no doubt tell at a cursory glance, our standard pair of forty card decks has been compiled into a single 80 card deck—yet all the standard wisdom of L5R deckbuilding still applies, with 35 characters, 5 holdings, 20 attachments, and 20 events.

Striking out from our noble stronghold of Harrenhal, our first stop is the plots. Building Orders, Filthy Accusations, Forgotten Plans, and Political Disasters would be familiar to any denizen of Rokugan, as would the misfortune of being marched south to the Great Carpenter Wall that protects our realm from the Shadowlands. More importantly, as L5R is a game of fixed income, each of these plots provides the proscribed four gold every round, with no variance or change along the way.

Among our characters, you'll find an assortment of our clan's greatest personalities. But more important, you will notice that they are all samurai of the highest rank. Not a single low-born citizen or meager mercenary to be found. Be they bushi or courtiers, from the Lannister, Clegane, or Frey families, all hold the very highest rank in the Emerald Empire.

A glance over our attachments and events simply confirms the patterns already established. Noble Lineage, Bodyguards, and noble Appointments are common, as are our ancestral weapons, Lion's Tooth, Widow's Wail, and Valyrian Steel Daggers. And yes, we confess that we may sometimes stoop to less honorable tactics, borrowing from our Scorpion brothers to employ the Milk of the Poppy or a simple bribe. Trial by Combat is equally fitting, as are daring rescues, and the most memorable quotes of our clan members, including the ever-witty Lannister Tyrion.

We urge you to take this deck to the next Legend of the Five Rings event at your store, and prove the glory of the Lion Clan for all to see!

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Von Wibble 115

Surely Keeper of Fire is Banner of the Dragon?