8 Maids in a Pool A-Milking

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OKTarg 26

Here we are, in 2018, and this is the deck that we need. Or, it is the deck we deserve. Or, it's neither. But yet, it exists. And it is to be shared with you! The eighth deck of Christmas: 8 Maids in a Pool A-Milking.

As one might expect, this deck will revolve around two main features: Maids and Milk. Easy, right? Yes! In fact, it is so easy, that this deck has never been defeated on the field of battle. How could it have been, when it's the first deck launched in the New Year?

Let's get to the tech that really makes this deck tick. First, the milks. We're running 3x Milk of the Poppy, the very best Thrones milk card out there today. And, what's more, we're running 3x Ser Kevan Lannister solely to recur the milks. One might call him the Milk Man, but that would be lame. We're also running an Isle of Ravens to shuffle those terminal milks back into our deck to play them more and more. In testing, this deck could consistently provide 8 milks per game--wow! We've had some users message us asking if they can substitute Almond milk for milk of the poppy, but I personally wouldn't recommend it. Almond milk lacks the same capacity for incapacitation.

Now, for the next part: Maids. Of course, any maids deck built around a number should start with 3x "Six Maids in a Pool." I've personally messaged FFG about getting the title errata'd in the next FAQ, but until they change it to 8 we're stuck with it. To salve our wounds, we'll also include 3x Dornishman's Wife and 3x All Men are Fools. We've got a few other singleton events, but one more that deserves its triplicate: There Are no Men Like Me. Indeed.

The characters are all amazing. Every last one of them is special. Let me highlight just a few of my favorites here. For one, we're running 3 House of Thorns Margaery. I really like this ability and I don't feel like we celebrate her or her great art enough. Here's to you, Margaery! We've also got several of her ladies in waiting, as well as The Blue Bard, who she was a big fan of in book four. I'm still not sure why the show cut that out....we can get a blue dragon but not a blue bard? Hmph.

We also have 1x Hot Pie, for old times sake, and 3 Taena Merryweather. We'll get to her later, but let us also celebrate Ygritte, who delights in calling Jon Snow a maid. Yes, Ygritte, take a bow. Oh, sorry, I forgot you can't be knelt!

This brings us to the plots. First off, we have Wheels within Wheels and Annals, which together with Taena bring an auto win whenever they hit the table (see the Partridge in a Pear Tree deck for more!). We've also got Pulling the Strings, with perhaps the best art in the game, and Favors from the Crown, which celebrates Margaery's generosity to the people in King's Landing. We've got A Noble Cause, partly for the Sansa art and partly to pay for the ladies, and A Game of Thrones, whose name was inspired by a great quote from your favorite and mine, Cersei Lannister. I wish it still had the 1.0 art for this particular list, but I'm inspired by the new art, which was a scheme put in motion by Lysa Arryn and her Tears of Lys into that delicious wine of Jon's.

May this deck bring you 8 minutes of happiness as you celebrate 2018!

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samuellinde 7

I got almost 9 minutes of happiness from this deck but I'm a slow reader.

5/7 great undefeated deck.