Budget-ish Greyjoy Crossing

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Kastakin 1

Hey everyone! New player here! I'm approaching the game for the first time, I'm not on a super big budget so I'm trying to put together something at least playable that is not going to cost me an Heads on Spikes right away! I'm really interested on hearing what experienced player could suggest so... Yeah here it is, my abomination!


chriswhite 1

3 more economy locations would be good (probably Great Halls).

Beknirvana 184

I ran a GJ crossing late last year at Red Saturday. I would very much run Weapons at the Door over Confiscation. 1 bad attachment can be a speedbump. A bunch of bad attachments can be a killer. Builders can shut the rush down, but can be crushed if for one turn they loose all of their negative attachments for a turn.