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Cmac2786 1

I'm a new player, so could use some constructive criticism of my deckbuilding. I want to be janky first, competitive second, but don't want to get curb stomped by the big dogs. So the goal is janky with an "any given sunday" chance to win against anything. Can you help me? Thanks!

This deck wants to fill the opponents dead pile up and take control of it as many times as possible with House of the Undying. The Crone, Mirri and Jaqen can do so outside of MIL challenges, and aims to put pressure on the opponent in the form of 1) You don't want to let me Rains trigger, 2) You don't want Mirri/Jaqen to be able to trigger their high jinks, 3) If you stop 1 or 2, you're probably letting a conventional MIL or POW challenge through, helping me fulfill my win condition. Thoughts?

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