Heads on Spikes - The Deck

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Aegir 28

As per my usual, I've built a fun, probably not competitive, deck around a single card, Tyrion's Chain. Round one if you can get Tyrion out, it's usually not too hard to win a challenge with him. Re-trigger Heads on Spikes with Tyrions chain, or Tarred Heads and just keep killing characters from their hand. In the meantime, this is a pretty low-key Knights/Kingsguard deck. I also loosely built this deck around Kingslayer since I like to try out new cards. Marhsall and use Kingslayer and then use Weapons at the Door to pull it back to hand and then either use it again or get rid of it.

I will say, using Reinforcements, and then triggering a surprise Tyrions chain to pop in a 5 coster is a lot of fun, especially if you can get the timing right and pull in the House Florent Knight and boot one of their characters. I rarely get Duel to even trigger once, so swapping that out is an option, but I've been playing against enough decks with high costers that this would just be too fun to be able to trigger twice in one round.

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