NW THwtRD: White Tree Choke

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Nogan 252

Presently untested deck emphasizing White Tree, Meager Contribution, Lay Siege, and Dareon to choke out your opponent. Summer Harvest capitalizes on early econ plots while allowing you to choose to go second. Double Retaliation follow up, which should generally allow you to go second. Qhorin thins a small board. Aemon punishes any inability to make challenges. Mag hits hard, and can kill 4 of your opponent’s characters in the same turn with The Rat Cook.

With Dareon on the board, The Dornishman’s Wife is, at worst, a zero cost event that removes a gold from your opponent.

Have yet to see if it’s consistent enough to run against larger setups, but I liked the potential power and synergy behind it.

Also, thinking about a Core Jon centric version and different options for keeping characters off the board. A small curve with Mutiny at Crasters could very well be stronger.

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