VoltRobb (Stark, Crossing)

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None. Self-made deck here.
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King Robb's War 2 2 2 1.0

ChrisChris 950

If the spate of combo decks these previous months taught us anything it is that enough "bad" cards can become unbeatable, but what if we only play half or a third as many bad cards? Does it become only half as unbeatable?

On the backs of A Storm of Swords, King Robb, Nymeria and The Wolf King this deck can conceptually play any number of games. It can go traditional rush by throwing Wolf King on Fast Eddie and putting up a fight in three challenges on a Swords turn. Or, you know, just with all the other renown. You can play a long control game with King Robb not kneeling and scaring fools with Nymeria while Maege Mormont draws things. You can go aggro with multiple military claims and claim raising.

"Rains" is toolkit? Swords and Wolf King are toolkit.

Game, set, match.

You're welcome.


King Nothing 1

I like the idea and the concept! Thx for sharing! King in the north! ! !

King Nothing 1

But would definitly add 2 frozen solid ;-)

igotoofast 1

not nearly enough northern vanguard