Burning Down The House (3-3 @ AGoT online league, winter ed.

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Trebge68 97

This is the deck I played 5 out of 6 games with in the Online League. I started with a HwtrD deck with lots of Dothraki and the Plaza of Pride, but that proofed too situational. Besides, I kind of like the sort of control that a 'burn deck' can offer.

These are my results in chronological order:

Round 1: vs. Lanni/Rains - Loss (but with another deck)

Round 2: vs. Tyrell/KosS - Win

Round 3: vs. Greyjoy HwtrD - Win

Round 4: vs. Targ HwtrD - Win

Round 5: vs. Greyjoy/Rains - Loss

Round 6: vs. Targ/Kraken - Loss

Of all the matches I've played, also offline and outside of this tournament, I still get a positive result so I think the core is quite solid. What I would change is perhaps a Jhiqui for another copy of Stormcrows, there are situations where she can win a game for you but since Targ doesn't have a lot of draw yet, it's kind of tricky. Of course, being able to play a Qotho for free is very good. The same goes for Consuming Flames.

So there you have it, if you have any questions about the match-ups I'll try to answer them asap.

Any suggestions for improvements are always welcome!

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