Targ Fealty Top 4 Thrones WAR

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gear 317

This is the fealty deck Team Targ came up with for Thrones WAR and it was definitely a group effort. All of my opponents were wonderful and it was a really great experience. I'm not much of a writer but I'd be happy to answer any questions in the comments section!

You can watch the deck in action twice in the Thrones WAR cut stream below. My match starts at about 2:21:00 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/230382303


-- Khalejandro


mattastrophic 717

Well done!

How did the Gates of the Moon work out?

gear 317

@mattastrophic Thanks! Gates of the Moon is incredible if you can see it early. The deck can run really tight on econ early in the game and if you can see gates it really smooths that out.

zack 126

Thanks for sharing! You've very little attachment hate in the deck. Have you not faced much negative attachments during WAR? I'd be tempted to replace 1x Strong Belwas with a Rattleshirt's Raiders, and possibly add 1x The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due (for 1x Nightmares), … at least in my meta that is :)

Kakita_Shiro 743

It was a calculated risk. At WAR, you only have to play Night's Watch (Craven) once and Stark Frozen Solid) once. Most other attachments don't matter. If you write off NW, then you can beat Stark if the rest of the cards are powerful enough to carry the day.

gear 317

@zack Absolutely! We didn't anticipate too many negative attachments outside of the NW and Bara matchups. I certainly wasn't going to waste a plot slot on attachment hate and I just felt the Vis would be enough in most cases(you get 2 uses with marched + flea bottom). Rattleshirts raiders have always been an underwhelming body that required a lot of help to trigger and he's just at the worst they have ever been IMO and I just don't like 1x event slots, too inconsistent.

Kakita_Shiro 743

Of course, if you're me you paired against Stark/Watch, NW/Red Door, and Lannister/Wolf and get hosed by attachments. ;)

King Joffrey Lannister 1

Good evening and impressive work at this event. Do you think you make any change to the deck or plot's for next event with any of the new cards? Do you now need Beggar King or King Viserys for against that King of the North plot? Thank you