Cronesight (Targaryen, Greensight)

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ChrisChris 938

I admit it. I was the guy excited for Greensight. It's my fault. We could have had Dark Wings, Dark Words, but I wanted an agenda that very slowly, sometimes added cards to the discard pile and that doesn't really fit every faction.

It's not bad for Greyjoy if they want come Tris Botley control or to go through your discard pile with Paying the Iron Price or Euron or just to accelerate the Iron Islands Fishmarket. Night's Watch can get a little pump to their kidnapping nonsense, but what I wanted to know whether Targaryen could use more kill.

With the Crone of Vaes Dothrak, Greensight can conceivably become a Heads on Spikes every turn without the power gain. That's pretty sweet. And if you're going to play the Crone, that's a few more Dothraki right there. Maybe Dothraki Outriders are playable all of a sudden. Maybe.

Anyway, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, the deck offers a nice pivot. Kill is the order of the day, of course, between Crones, Consuming Flames, Bloody Arakh and Drogo, but the deck can pivot to rush with Silver Steed on the Winds of Winter turn with a little extra power for Rakharo mixed in. Otherwise just do the normal Targaryen nonsense. Pressure, burn, recur Seconds Sons, so on.

Game, set, match.

You're welcome.


chriswhite 1

Given that you need a faction kneel to work Greensight, and you only have 2 Lords––one of which you never want to lose, and the other which you'd prefer to discard––I can't imagine Funeral Pyre being very useful.

ChrisChris 938

That’s a good insight, but you do have non-unique Lords in the Frey Lordlings and can always kill your opponent’s. The faction kneel is a cost, but it’s no different than Iron Bank’s Due in “Rains.” You just have to pick your times.