Hungarian Store Championship winner 2018

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theputrid 42

Hey guys!

This was the deck i used at our local Store Championship at BarCraft 2 geek bar this weekend.

Our meta is really controll and building heavy so i decided to give a chance to the good old sailors and try to reap the crop the other houses might want to sow.:)

First game against a Targa Fealty piloted by our current National champion Jhonny.

I managed to marsal good old Euron and some chuds, while he had some dragons and an Astapor with 2 golds on it alonside a plaza of pride. I had 2 we do not sow and a risen from the sea, so i pushed in an unopposed power trying to bait out a dracharys, as he did not get the bait i managed to get rid of the plaza of pride leaving the astapor on, then i went for the green chalange with Euron, he activated astapor and there goes the dracarys -6 str on the good old Crow's Eye, but fortunatly for me he dosent have the hands judgement on my risen from the sea so i can save my euron whit the +1 str and push in the chalange so i could managed to steal the plaza of pride, from that point i had the lead. From there we had a few more turns of strugle as he managed to keep me in bay with 2 nightmares and the other 2 dracarys ha managed to drew, but euron did hes job stealing and raiding, so i could win on plot 4.


Second game was against the First Ranger himself Tamás Albreck.

He had a setup of a duped wall alongside a secret vault and some chuds. I started with Nothing Burns like the Cold, getting rid of both copyes of the wall, this was important as i managed to marchal Euron, and he marshalled an isle of ravens. As Tamás dosent have any power icons and as beeing the first player he couldent use poppy or craven on my Euron i could go for the unopposed power, stealing the discarded wall. From there we reseted the board like 3 times but the wall working for me, i managed to win the game.


Third game was against Vincu's Stark Fealty wolf deck featuring the new nymeria.

Vincu is a great player with unortodox decks and techs. He played a veary agressive agro version with 2 sneak attacks and other fast plots, using tricks like winter is coming and canceling my saves with the pack survives. Euron was the mvp here as ha stole Vincus Flea bottom denieing him from recrouting summer and othere discarded nightmares like core Arya. belive me, you dont want to deal with a Sneak attack+winter is coming+arya stealting+nymeria indimidating military challange more then once in a game. We struggeld, he killed most of my chuds, i stole most of Vincus locations, discarding his hand in the process, we both had a decent board. He had Bron (new) Nymeria, 2 Roaming wolfpacks, wolfs of the north and some chuds, with a huge Dacy Mormont. I had Euron, Dagmar, Victaryon some chuds and a pyke. We were on the 6th plot so we both picked our remaining fast plot: Nothing burns like the cold. 7-7, 13 power to 13 power, whoever goes first wins the game. I picked a 10 sided die, he rolld first, 5. I rolled a 9, wining the initiative and the game. Sorry for that m8, was a g8 deck and a really good game.


My last game was against a Bara Red Door piloted by Tamás Milla.

Tamás mostly plays baratheon so ha has some real experiance with the stags, and also a lucky guy as well:D I feard that ha can steal my tempo with the new Selyse and Meli, as the Red Doored Ironthrone-painted table wins him the game. Lucky for me i won most of the initiatives letting him go first minimalizing Selyse inpact, and as Meli hide in his deck till like plot 5 or 6, i managed to steal and destry all of his locations and win the game.


As we were only 16 players we hald a top4 cut

My opponent was Tamás again with the Baratheons. I only remembering that this game was a lot easyer then our last as i manage to pull my sol Dagmar, who stole the throne, and later even the painted table winning the game for me rally fast.


My last opponent was Molár Ferenc alias Mofe, and old friend form good old Wowtcg times. He piloted his Tyrell summer deck. I also tested a red door variant and i know if he manages to get PapaMace and the Hight Tower combo online my turns are counted and i surly will lose the game. And sadly he was avare of that i have Nothing burns like cold in my plot deck, so he playd around it, fatching an iron throne with summons on the first turn. Our setup was chud-roseroad-euron/chud-roseroad-Renly Baratheon. I pulled 2 we do not sow, so i could destroy an economy location, getting rid of the throne with my Nothing Burns like the cold plot. He then marshalld the fearfull high tower, lucky for me i had my 2nd we do not sow for that as well. He kept himself in play with 3 nightmares on my Euron so i couldent stole them right away, there were some board resets, but i had the lead with all the saves and stolen buildings. He could marcall a Mace Tyrell, quickly accumulating the points on him, but as half of his topdeck cards were limited locations i could force out the win befor Mace could seal the deal just by siting on his fat ass at highgarden grabbing powers just by marshalling and jumping characters i and out.


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Do you even English? :D

I fucking hate Krakens... :(

Gg, you furry son of a ... :)