Throwing Maesters (Night's Watch, Conclave)

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ChrisChris 950

For too long Wovles Aemon has been a man in search of a faction. While his ability would seem a natural fit for Martell in forcing offensive challenges to trigger their many responses, he was locked out due to his loyalty to the Watch. While his ability would seem to have some utility to his brothers in black, the enemies of the Night's Watch don't need the encouragement to make challenges against them, and the core Aemon is just so good.

The problem for the Watch has been a lack of ways to punish or even take advantage from winning on defense. No more. When your opponent throws a challenge to avoid the Aemon tax, you kill them good with a Catapult on the Wall. Are they too strong? Strangler.

But what about not standing in the standing phase? That's where the maesters and Conclave come in. You put those catapults on Maester Lomys, and then you stand him back up with Archmaester Ebrose. You can even draw the catapults with Citadel Novice. It's like they didn't even playtest this! Straight bonkers right there.

Game, set, match.

You're welcome.


Banjo 97

Catapult swinging Maesters. I like it!

chriswhite 1

Love it

starclown 126

Certainly gonna try this..

Patrick 1

Thoughts on throwing in Besieged? My thinking is attempting to kneel out their board before they can initiate a specific challenge to help the Maester Aemon trigger?

ChrisChris 950

Fascinating thought. Rebuilding could be an easy switch. It’s only really there for Craven.

Heyenzzz 1

doesn't The 'Cannot stand' part on Catapult on the Wall prevent The standing ability on Archmaester Ebrose?

Patrick 1

@Heyenzzz The Catapult on the Wall text says "during the standing phase". So like anything, if you can get that character to stand beforehand, you'll be in good shape.

Neonwolf 1

Any thought of updating this to include newer releases?