Canadian National's Winner Lady Combo

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None. Self-made deck here.
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Combo Red Door Ladies -King of Swiss 52p, ZGZ 2018 4 1 7 1.0

Sleight 83


So this was the list I ran at canadian nationals, and ended up winning with. First off, Huge props to Brad Emon for tuning this deck, and breaking the game with me. Thanks to Alex Hynes as well, for running a very smooth tournament and all of the amazing swag provided. Honestly, this deck is terrible for the game and hopefully it winning a major event convinces FFG to do something with it!


TrueSokles 47

@Sleight Congratulations for breaking event totally ;) as I see You not only win the tournament but also dominate it totally with mates and deck - top3 taken all. Win ratio 22-4 (8-1, 8-1, 6-2). Did You three lose to anyone but Yourself in mirror?? :D

Anyhow waiting for banning or someting Annals more than ever ;)

Sleight 83

@TrueSokles I'm not exactly sure about the 6-2 record, but I personally lost to Sean on Greyjoy Rains, which is the worst matchup in testing. Having about a 60% - 40% winrate in our favor. The hardest matchup overall for the deck is the mirror match by far.

Euro Bruh 90

Guess Sandy owes someone a flight and accommodations to worlds

KayJays 10

Wow top three with basically the same deck ...... that's a super healthy meta :-(

adam_geek 468

@KayJays FFG should do something

Lawyer 418

It is legit that players bring to tournament every deck that are legal, but making a lot of fun that every time a no-sense combo wins or making the top 8/4 cut in a major tournament the players who play it are justified by saying "hopefully it winning a major event convinces FFG to do something with it!" We all know: that kind of cards interactions making combo deks. Be honest and says that you all play this just 'cose are broken. FFG had a look of combo deck ( Lannister/Tyrell and Martell/Tyrell ) at 2017 worlds and of course they know that somethings is going wrong. Said this, yeah, it is time for FFG to think about a FAQ/errata/restricted list for joust

Normandwizard 20

Restricted. Thank you FFG.

TrueSokles 47

I hoped that FFG do something with Annals but truly that was damn fast reaction ;)

linkingverbs 186

you did it dude.

Kakita_Shiro 548

You're the Canadian Nut!

LockHowl 1

Every restricted card is in this deck. Good riddance the cheese is gone.

TrueSokles 47

@LockHowlnot a surprise since this deck is a direct reason to restrict list ;)