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sharpshooter 20

This deck is based on core Aeron Damphair.Therefore you must win dominance at all costs.First of all you pick Nagga's ribb's using the agenda "House with the red door".Then you start with "trading with the pentoshi" as your opening plot in order to put many characters in play.(in order to have many bodies for military claim).You play 3X risen and 2Xiron mines to protext Aeron at all costs.Your opponent will surely dominate the board at the beginning so you must have some ways of refreshing it(Valar Morguhlis and dohaeris will probably do the work for you).In order to win dominance fill your dead pile with almost every single character that is discarded from your deck (or hand as intrigue claim-if it is Ironborn you can probably put a heavy character such as Balon or Victarion in game for free ;) ).You can also use ghosts of Harrenhal as protection to opponent's tries of killing core Aeron).The deck is designed to gain power by recycling ironborn and drowned god characters by winning dominance,using drowned god apostole,drowned disciple and old wyk.(remember that you gain 1 power on a drowned god character from disciple for every character that enters play from your dead pile-limit twice per phase).By putting in game Victarion with his ship and the blessing on him,you could easily put power on him for every character that is recycled(and when iron victory is in play each power on him means +1 strength-so Victarion can easily Intimidate probably every character that is annoying to your plans.)Victarion can easily stay in game if you play Valar Morgulis-you just have to discard 2 power from him.It is also crucial to bring old Wyk to the game-probably by winning a power challenge by 5 strength(support of the peopleX3.).Also core Balon can do this work for you :).... Try it and have fun and i am open to hear from all of you feedback of this deck.(Remember that FFG is about to release some drowned god characters in the forthcoming packs of the game.) This deck has 7-8 wins in a row in ironthrone and it is not yet finished-Have FUN.... :)


Stathis 1

Nice deck!! I will surely try it on Iron Throne! Which do you think is the worst matchup for this deck?

sharpshooter 20

Stark that plays ward.They can steal core Aeron....

Jools 46

@sharpshooter Milk, Frozen Solid or Ward can wreck this deck so easily.