Starkrifice Wars to come (11:0 in testing)

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Polli85 185

Missing Plots: Counting Coppers, Confiscation, Close Call (due to missing implementation of Wars to Come)

Work in progress, 11:0 in testing so far. Very adaptable to almost all matchups.

Opinions appreciated. ;-)


sirkamlot 1

Why just 1x Ward?

Saumur11689 1

more like why 61 cards tbh

King Nothing 1

I guess there shoule be 1 or 2 begging brothers.

KhosroTheGreat 31

Have you found 3x Flea Bottom and 2x Last Hearth to be enough protection against Nothing Burns for Winterfell? How often are you able to find the Greatjon in time for his ability to still be active?

Itachi 1

Stark Wars - A New Hope Love it. I guess it's not easy to choose the plots, however. What were other candidates you considered? Do you miss fealty at all? Is bear Island loyalist only in there to make breaking ties viable, or do you find them useful in general? Thanks for your answers.

Polli85 185

It is still a work in progress, so some changes may be reasonable or even crucial.

I play 61 cards in almost all of my decks. This is maybe because i have some decision problems sometimes but i think 61 isn't a big problem in terms of statistics (However, this is a more general problem which has been discussed elswhere).

Ward is great in every matchup i see it. It really shines on a Breaking Ties turn when you can ward a loyal character from your opponent. I assume that you can easily change Nymeria to another Ward (or, if you want to, begging brother) because she does not so much in this deck.

I did not have many problems with Nothing Burns in my test games. You have the choice to wait until you have Flea or Last Hearth out.

Greatjon is great when you can fetch him earlier, but he is still good in later rounds. You can switch Grey Wind to a third one, but i wanted another target for A time for wolves. And Grey Wind is great to eat all those heavy prevalent Shadow City Bastards (and many other Martell Guys).

I did not miss Fealty in any of my games. You need Trading as Backup when you don't see Eco early, but that's all.

Bear Island Loyalists are great for many reasons: They can trigger with Maege, can be fetched by Summer, are helpful in the Targ matchup. However, they maybe wouldn't have made the cut without Breaking Ties.

Regarding Plots: Maybe Wildfire could be changed. I would love to include A King in the North, but this isn't the deck for this plot. Core Robb is to important here. If you some other suggestions for plots, i would appreciate them. ;-)

mapvale 3

Hi there. What matchups did you test against?

Polli85 185

All houses except Tyrell. I had some more matches now, and even two losses (Greyjoy and Lannister when i remember correctly).

As to be expected i had many matches against Martell, and i have won them all. Funniest move in this matchup is Ward on Areo and kill him for claim or sac him with Breaking Ties, both with triggering Robb or Cat. So much fun.