BINGO! 1st place achievement deck at Brighton Charity Joust

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Von Wibble 131

This was the deck I used at the Brighton Charity Joust. I had no intent of doing anything to win games as such, it was all about achievements for me. The name comes from the fact we had to call out bingo any time an achievement was to be ticked off. A full list of the achievements being aimed for is here

Every card in the deck facilitates an achievement in some way, with Great Hall probably being the weakest (it allows me to get expensive characters out to get the Royal Flush, and has a keyword).

Highlights of the day included

  • Playing Tithe, kneeling Beric Dondarrion for 2 gold. (Rebecca Played it Once)
  • On plot 1, playing my foreign language card (Goldene Rosenkrone), then discarding an Acolyte to pump Beric, and then playing the Acolyte with Flea Bottom (Black Friday Sale)
  • Playing The Wolf King on Simon "Wolf King" Martindale's Robb Stark (Better When We're Together)
  • Playing out a Dreadfort Measter (C-c-c-Conclave) then immediately using TIBWHID to return him to hand and have the money for a different character
  • Having Sansa Stark as my Batchelorette, with Littlefinger as one of the 3 lords (again TIBWHID was used to help get the gold to play out my 3rd lord).
    • In my second game, topdecking TIBWHID and Faceless Man (We Love Ryan Jones) on the last plot played (Rains of Autumn - I Really Want That Point), and therefore skipping Marshalling (Stick) with a reason beyond just getting a point!
    • Having Ben Hunt use Night Gathers to marshall a dupe of Catelyn I had discarded earlier (Catelyn was TIBWHIDed to hand), followed be me playing Ward on Catelyn in order to get the 4 strength character I needed (Straight).
    • Using Rains of Autumn when my opponent had 2 Pleasure Barges, Arbor and Redwyne Straights out. Choke is back people!

The only achievements I didn't get that my deck could manage (obviously its never going to get Best Kill Spell for example) were

  • The Pigdens Consents - with only 1 copy it was unlikely to happen but I put it there figuring others would try for this, and I don't have to win the challenge by 5 myself (or even stand my own Small Council characters).

    • What Was I Doing Again - Unlikely with only 1 Begging Brother (there more for the Seven trait and to slow opponents a bit) and Bran (there more as a cheap lord). I'd consider adding Words are Wind to the deck to help there.

    • So Close - given how bad the deck is at challenges and winning in general that one would have been tough!

    • It'll Do I Guess - I don't think anyone got that one! My best setup all day was 4 cards and in the last game my strategy was to aggressively mulligan for Tithe, Flea Bottom or Goldene Rosenkrone.

Thanks to my opponents (especially Simon and Joe - we got a lot of points between us in those games), and to Gabbi and Joe for organising and hosting a great event, team Sammy P in the Thronely Connect quiz, Wamma and George for organising said quiz (it must have taken a lot of work), the Northampton meta, particularly Rich and Rebecca for letting me stay over and providing a lift.

Now to think about how to build a Conclave deck for Euros...

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Maester Joseph 18

Only just seen this - had a great game against you mate, and thanks for all the achievements too! - Joe H