Top 16 and best Martell ZGZ VII

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Second Spanish big tournament and twice best Martell player, feels good man.

After Valencia's tournament I didn't played any game at all. I was a bit lost with the current meta so I asked for advice to Buzz, Vald├ęs and Glazer, and tried a different build from the one I took to Valencia ( Thanks guys!!!

The huge question I had was (and still is): is new Arya worth it? Still dunno the answer since I didn't face any Tyrell or Greyjoy during the tournament.

Here's the report/summary of the tournament:

1st round- Raul Lacalle - Tyrell Brotherhood - win. The attrition game went very smooth and once he had only Randyll on board it was GG.

2nd round - Diego Hierro - Targaryen Defiance - lost due to time. I got rid of Khal Drogo, Mirri, Daenerys and loads of characters but due to time we ended 12-10 and got to concede, if I were to have one more plot I would have won since his only char left on board was Jhogo.

3rd round - Javier Melero - Stark Xing - lost. He got the new Umber man on setup, played Eddy on 1st tuen and played superior claim. 2nd turn he played weenies and police Catelyn, I controlled some challs but he ended up on 9 power. On t3 I controlled his icons but his only pow icon was on Eddy, he couldn't care less since he revealed Wardens of the hahaha I dont mind you stole my icons. I was confident but he had the 2nd superior claim. GG.

4th game - Borja Blanco - Martell Defiance - win. He saw very few chars so the attrition was super.

5th game - Luis Gravalos - Targaryen Rains - win. Very intense game where my attrition was key and Daenerys lasted on board one turn. He never triggered the agenda and got two chars maximum on board each turn. Best WTF and "What does this card do? "face when I played frozen solid on Astapor and then he played Qarth.

6th game - Alquimista - Targaryen Defiance - win. Deciding if making the top with one of my meta mates, not cool bro... and another Targaryen, seriously? I knew I did pretty well against the other ones but my setup was Varys and a weenie. Step by step I built my economy and the attrition game went real once Bear Island, I mean, The House of the cult hit the board. MVP of the game.

Best Martell of the tournament and top 16.

Top 16 - Eric Trigo - NW Defiance - lost. Cool Rangers themed deck. His setup was the wall, economy and the some weenies including the "I don't kneel 'cos I'm surrounded by ranger bros". He played chars enough so that my attrition couldn't hit him enough to make me win unopposed challs. GG

After the tournament I still dunno if this Arya is worth the chance in this meta since I haven't face the house of dupes and saves.

Thanks to the organisation, aka Kike, and everyone who went to this event and made it possible.

Thrones family FTW!!!


jeermaster 798

Well done, congratulations!

Reader 137

Hi buddy. This seems like a solid Martell wolf build for sure. The main reason Kev and I ran core Arya is due to the swing on Retaliation. Bloody Flux Arya seems great. But we had more aggressive resets in ours, so the board was usually small enough for Arya (core) to shine. She gets great support from Martell and combo's great with Flea bottom and double Marched. Core Arya is invaluable on the swing plot, Retaliation.