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Beludo 167


If u want to play solitaire, this is your deck.

** Ahead of the Tide will give you the game, you'll need to play them to go first and your rival not getting gold in your marshalling to play nightmares on Tarle. After this statement, now I'll try to explain how it works it's not very difficult but you need your key to have the economy (Loras+Rides+To the rose banner+Top Dead Mag). 'How do you get that?' may you asking the answer is simple drawing like hell and going on. One of the central pieces of this deck it's nagga's ribs because you are going to need dead people (drowned disciples, acolytes, and MOST IMPORTANT MAG on top of dead pile on combo turn) which would be discarded by reserve at the ending of round. The turn of the combo you could have like 40-50 gold to marshal all you need, Tarle first and your disciples after that, here comes the tricky part because the Given to the drowned god it's basic to recover the memory of your Disciples after triggering the second time their triggers giving all the power to Tarle (aprox 12 of power doing it well or perfect). Then you have the cudgel (AFTER the clarification of the FAQ this went insane) or old wyk if you don't reach 15 in marshalling. Also 'The Dornishman's wife' gives you power so you have many possibilities to reach 15. Anyway, after this explanation a bit rude ( sorry for my english, I think I'm not explaining well the idea) I must admit that this deck it's boring as hell, anti-fun, npe and as I said in the title better play solitaire. THIS SHOULDN'T EXIST.


Happyfarmer 2

Can someone translate?

jgruss42 1

The purpose is to maximize your draw until your hand is set with: Nagga’s ribs in play, Mag to be discarded into dead pile, Tarle in play (or potentially in hand, I guess), all the drowned god guys in dead pool, except one Drowned disciple in play (could be in dead pool), KoF in Hand. Lots of events discarded. On combo turn: Marshall KoF - play events to boost KoF strength, sac KoF with to the rose banner (Mag on top) for lots of gold. Marshal drowned god guys from dead pool. That will get you 6 power. Then marshall cudgel, then play Given to the drowned god to kill 3 acolytes (total 9 power) and 2 drowned disciples. Remarshall them with tarle, using the drowned disciples again for 4 more power (total 13), then given to the drowned god again for 2 more power from acolytes. GG. Cudgle couldnalso add to that power total. I didnt add up gold cost for marshalling or estimated draw % or anything, but I THINK that is the idea of the deck. Use KoF jank to get a million gold, use Tarle and Ribs, kill and revive the acolytes and disciples for power with cudgle.

SergSel 48

Did you have a chance to test it? What are the results?

Anda 45

When the opponent has an economy location (let's say Martell with fiefdom) you have no solution to their nightmare. Still funny idea. Thanks for sharing!

jgruss42 1

@Anda the answer, of course, is to nightmare that first (which is situational, obviously).

Bambi 401

This deck is way too clunky enough to be consistent. For the combo to work you don't have the consistency in your draw and there are many ways it can be disrupted.

Pit 7

This deck seems a weak version of combo lady honestly.

Maximus 100

I don't think this will actually work, but correct me if I'm wrong. When you move the cudgel, the character gains the power, not the faction card. So how do you save that power when you have to kill the character to move the cudgel?

Timmy 58

Maximus : the deck doesn't seem to be that centered on the cugel. In my opinion, the focus should more be on the acolyes / disciples + given to the drowned god and Tarle of course. That said, i am not enough of a good player to state if it's stable or not, but the combo doesn't rely in y opinion on the cudgel itself.

Beludo 167

@SergSelI have won all games with this deck for now. 2 Targaryens, 2 Baratheon Rush (Banner wolf/Banner Rose), 2 Martell and most of games were the same (with better or worse draws but eventually winning without doing challenges). Test the deck and then reply me if it's cluncky, maybe you are going to be surprised. @Timmyyou're absolutely right. It's not main source of power but it helps. One of my games i had to gain power using my 'Donishman's wife' because i hadn't drawn any of my cudgels.