The Pounce that was Promised - Dockside 2018

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ChannelDelibird 814

This is the voltron-Theon deck with which I went 1-5 at Dockside Brothel Days 2018. I swear it's more of a 2-4 deck, though!

Tournament report on my blog.


WolfAlbe 13

now you could use 3x Saltcliffe Sailor . and remove Ser Ilyn Payne , High Septon , Tommen Baratheon

Kakita_Shiro 616

How many times did you get to play Strangler on Theon Greyjoy (TFoA)?

ChannelDelibird 814

@Kakita_Shiro I did it once, and it was alright.

@WolfAlbe Saltcliffe Sailor doesn't have much synergy with what I'm trying to do, as it only helps non-Greyjoy characters, and I definitely wouldn't cut the cheap King character for it. The others are cuttable slots as they're on the expensive side.

Narwe 47

Ser Pounce should be included by default in all new decks.