The Pounce that was Promised - Dockside 2018

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ChannelDelibird 683

This is the voltron-Theon deck with which I went 1-5 at Dockside Brothel Days 2018. I swear it's more of a 2-4 deck, though!

Tournament report on my blog.


WolfAlbe 13

now you could use 3x Saltcliffe Sailor . and remove Ser Ilyn Payne , High Septon , Tommen Baratheon

Kakita_Shiro 434

How many times did you get to play Strangler on Theon Greyjoy (TFoA)?

ChannelDelibird 683

@Kakita_Shiro I did it once, and it was alright.

@WolfAlbe Saltcliffe Sailor doesn't have much synergy with what I'm trying to do, as it only helps non-Greyjoy characters, and I definitely wouldn't cut the cheap King character for it. The others are cuttable slots as they're on the expensive side.

Narwe 8

Ser Pounce should be included by default in all new decks.