Harrenhal winning deck. 5-1

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mnBroncos 535

add rookery later......didnt ever bring in more than 3 cards though, and only one plot once.


Cweston312 4

Awesome deck! Did Supporting the Faith have a big impact on Targ/Martell?

Jools 46

How this deck plays around Tyrells? There is nothing to mitigate their power level.

mnBroncos 535

Against normal Tyrell it can hold up on power level, plus barring the gate stops lot of their tricks. If was worried about combo I would add your king commands it to the plot deck.

argento 571

Must be very strong against martell and targaryen, very interesting !

GordonChanGZ 1

wonderful deck, all card in order to against martell and targaryen, thanks for your deck , i will change it and make it to better or strong.

Bambi 406

What was your opening plot? I love the deck but I fear that without a solid gold opener you are heavily reliant on seeing economy.

GordonChanGZ 1

@Bambi i think the Time of Plenty was opening plot.

ChrisChris 950

Only winners play Supporting the Faith.

mnBroncos 535

Time of plenty was usually, but did open nothing burns think 3 times. That plot can be a blowout. My curve is pretty low except the 7costers and great halls help a lot

Kain8 39

Damn, so much location control, it's beautiful.

America 166

Bro, how did you like You Win Or You Die?

mnBroncos 535

@AmericaIt was probably the worst plot in the deck actually. But it wasn't ever awful. If I felt like needed another meta call plot it probably be the one I cut.

BaraBob 1

Great to see a new take on GJ in the post-VD meta.

sdrewthomson 1

Would you take anything out for the Nighttime Marauders?