Wars to Targ

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cevyr 52

This is my Top 8 deck from the KublaCup: Road to Stahleck, there are many like it but this one is mine!

Round 1 Win vs Mario Jarquin (Martell Wars to Come): With half of the field on Wars to Come and a quarter of the field on Martell I kind of assumed this was going to be a match up I’d see a few times today. This was honestly the closest of any of the games I played vs Martell Wars, primarily because of The Boneway. I was able to control the board early but the amount of challenges I had to win because of a lack of renown made The Boneway go nuts.

Round 2 Win vs David Moran (Martell Wars to Come): This was more how I expected this match up to go, early board control and with no Boneway to keep it close it was just a matter of time. Don’t really remember too much about this game.

Round 3 Win vs Joel Jarquin (Greyjoy Wars to Come): I was really skeptical going into this round, with Iron Mines and strength boost I wasn’t sure about my ability to burn and control the board. I setup a Slavers Bay port, a dragon, and Second Sons to his board of four one-strength characters, making Blood of the Dragon an easy opener. After that I had some of the best intrigue pulls ever getting two Asha, two Balon, and Marching a duped Euron.

Round 4 Loss vs Ryan Jones (Martell Banner Kraken): My only Martell loss of the day, Ryan was playing a super interesting deck that destroyed your hand in about a turn and a half, and only because of double coppers was I able to even keep something of a hand. In the end Ryan had all of the answers and I ran out of resources.

Round 5 Win vs Angela Steele (Targ Wars to Come): Oh boy the mirror match, this was sole determined by the fact that I had board advantage early and didn’t really let it go. Angela exploited a couple of very large mistakes on my part and almost won the game because of it.

Round 6 Loss vs David Hopper (Tyrell Kings of Summer): This was the other match up I was really scared of because of the strength boosts and how easily he could flood the board. He made me over commit to killing Tinder Marge early and then puts down a triple duped Renly and it was over very quickly after that.

Top 16 Win vs Chris Thompson (Martell Wars to Come): Despite the fact that I felt I had the advantage over Martell Wars, going into t16 I was not optimistic, CT is one the best players in the game and his deck was very good. I got lucky in that he was only able to set up Dorne and another four-coster, I used Nothing Burns plot one to force a Someone Always Tells. After that CT drew about half of his deck from Secret Schemes and Dorne throughout the game. But I was never behind the whole way slowly grinding out the win.

Top 8 Loss vs Alejandro Pantoja (Targ Wars to Come): In the mirror the biggest thing required is not making mistakes, one thing Alejandro does not do is make mistakes. This was a case of we both saw the cards we needed and my opponent outplayed me.


celric 399

Happy for you to get a great finish in a big tourney like Kubla! Kubla had a specific restricted list to try to make one-turn-win combos more rare, right? We’re you happy with 2x Judgement or did you wish for Littlefinger’s Meddling?

Stormborn 301

Nice deck and run in the tournament.

Did you miss Qotho? How was Qarth? Would Annals have been better than HJ?

cevyr 52

@celricI was more than fine with the HJ, cancelling a In Doran's Name vs CT was critical to winning. I have always prioritized event cancel and control personally. Outside of the ARL at Kubla I would probably look at taking out Nothing Burns for Meddling.