BloodRush (5th Place Euros Melee)

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A late build. Put together in the week running up to Euros, so no time to test really, other than one game which finished at 1am on the day of the European Championship melee tourney. Thank you to meta buddies Joel and George for the tweaks.

Of the 4 rounds of Euros melee, the build won two tables and came second on the other two tables with 13 points on each, dropping just 4 power over the whole tourney.

The idea is to allow opponents to gain enough power for you to hit back on plot 2 and 3 with multiple power challenges with 2 or 3 claim. Until then you just take bits and pieces where you can, but just stay defensive. The 'stand' in the build is incredible, especially when you combine Raiding Khalasar. You have to play around breaking Ties and Ward, but survive those and its pretty straight forward and thrilling :)

If you can't finish after grabbing 9 power from 3 power challenges, then flip Calm Over Westeros and watch your opponents go elsewhere.

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