Kill la Kill (Stark, Lion)

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ChrisChris 950

There was a time, a time long ago, when Tyrell was a joke, a time when fewer total Tyrell decks competed in Worlds than made the top 16 of the most recent Euros. A time when the Dragon banner was more popular than the Targaryen house. It was a time when economy was tight, the only resets were Wildfire Assault and First Snow of Winter, Lannister and kill ruled the day, and no one ever complained about Flea Bottom.

Let's return to those good old days. Let's make our opponents scared of military challenges again and clear their board without Valar Morghulis. Let's kill. Let's raise the claim on Winter is Coming, wipe the chumps with Roose Bolton and wipe the stragglers with The House of Black and White and Marched to the Wall. Just make sure they stay down with Arya.

Game, set, match.

You're welcome.


Stam 1

Wouldn't it be better if it was pure Stark house? I am not seeing the purpose of the lannister cards. Please, can you explain? :)

ChrisChris 950

Tyrion and the Informer are there purely to pump up the House of Black and White, American Horror Story Season One Murder House, if you prefer. Burned Men are solid and Merchants are necessary for smoothing the curve.

SergSel 32

I found King Robb version so much better for killing + Ice and Put to the Sword, while running Wars to Come. Dreadfort maester is also good to raise claim additionally.

ChrisChris 950

I agree that King Robb is underplayed and friends have suggested Lannister’s Harrenhal for popping Boltons, but none of those run Favors From the Crown.