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inahgiam 71

new update: ive always found to struggle a little with eco (in bringing it out, like zack already mentioned in my first pyrodany deck version) so i included 2 estates and cutted 1 slavers (see this version). but the thing i didnt like about estate was that it only helped me early in the game, it was of no use later on coz it doesnt give gold and just stands there being useless. while slavers bay is amazing giving 2gold, i noticed it takes too much time to get online. with so many low gold plots, paying 1g for it is actually a lot too. so i was looking through the cards randomly to see if i can find something.. and then i stumbled upon Skahazadhan. i fell absolutely in love with it and been toying around with it the last days trying to figure out how to make good use of it. and now ive come up with an idea which i like a lot, the deck feels so much smoother!

while i absolutely love slavers bay, i decided to cut it. i run 3x skahazadhan, 3x rose road, and 2x gates (im also thinking about getting gates to 3!). these are the most effective gold cards i could find, gates costing 1g but instantly giving you 2g, skahazadhan costing 2g but gives you up to 3g (and the best thing: its not limited! realy strong to play gates+skaha in the same round). rose road being rose road, giving you 1g for nothing, easy to play, good in setup. the earlier i draw skaha, the better for me - and if i draw more copys from it, i can just discard them for skaha to get 2-3g. same with gates, i can discard that too for skaha if i draw more copies of it - i definitly wanna see them in setup/early. but since we have even more discard effects now, i decided to get missandei in again - i always thought she is great, but decided to cut her because i needed some slots and thought "once discarded, she isnt much of a use. doesnt help me win games, shes just a body afterwards". with skaha out, by discarding missandei, she can give you up to 3g while being 2g worth herself, netting you a 5g play.

so what im trying is, opening with coppers always looking for skaha - once ive found it, i start playing the exchange of information plot, which will turn into a 6g,4initiative,potential of 4 draw plot - if you discard missandei, you can say its a 8g plot - with gates out at the same time, you have even 10g available.

its a little change but a pretty impact one! still testing tho..

old update1: 2xShadowblack Lane cutted, included 3x The Dragon's Tail again

reason: The Dragon's Tail does the same job as Shadowblack Lane, just better. in most of the games i lose, i did not see important cards at all (pyrodany, Astapor, Second Sons/Flea Bottom) so that helps here. also once my 4 draw plots are gone, i have no continuous draw (no insight, Littlefinger, Doreah, etc.). with Isle of Ravens + The Dragon's Tail, ill increase the chance drastically to draw all the cards i need and will also never run out of cards.

the only drawback, the reliability to draw fire&blood continuously is gone without shadowblacklane, which will probably mean that i have to include 1 more fire&blood or run ghosts of harrenhal.

old update2: i swapped the king in the north plot for ghosts of harrenhall, because of the above stated reason. also i feel like king in the north plot is a card to push your advantage, but since youre mostly playing from a behind position, you cant use it that well - if u try to use it defensively, your plans can get crushed by a simple nothing burns/confiscation/etc.

im still staying with 2x beggar king tho, you can protect your 6g seized with it if enemy plays nothing burns, youre immune to the king plot, good eco, can get drawn by the EoI-plot, is a targ-card to discard for qotho/consuming and protects your dany in mirror vs nightmare+a dragon is no slave burn

but you can also keep the king in the north plot and run 2x fire&blood, unfortunately im already on 61cards and didnt know what to cut.

this deck plays from a behind position and is more about control. you'll get stronger and stronger as you cycle through your plots, so try to buy time! once youre in a position with pyrodany out and a few dragon is no slave events and enough gold to abuse them, you basically already won

thanks to the new plot Exchange of Information (potential of 4 (!) draw, 4 (!) initiative and a solid 3gold), combined with 2x Counting Coppers, all your draw issues are fixed. together with Shadowblack Lane+Isle of Ravens, you can cycle through your events. since i can reliably get my 1 copy of fire&blood because of that, i dont run closecall/ghosts of harrenhal anymore. the new plot makes sure to see

and also [Beggar King] (/card/04034)(protection vs nightmare everything + youre able to use it yourself + extra eco!).

both valar for resets, trade routes to bring havoc and favors from the crown plot for the 6g astapor which is so massive. preferably you play blood of the dragon after you've got the 6g astapor - have mercy with the person who dares to attack you.

i dont run Marched to the Wall anymore, alltho i'd like to include it, but i think the other plots are better. i use Valar Dohaeris, Blood of the Dragon, or Plaza of Punishment to get rid of Viserys Targaryen.

only things im a bit unsure about are Plaza of Punishment (but it helps a lot to keep the board small, which is beneficial for us. it also helps vs martell. additionaly it stops enemy from initiating pow challenges mindlessly vs you, which also helps in stalling!) and whether i should run 1x Illyrio's Estate and 3x Slaver's Bay Port or just keep it like that. also i dont know whether i should keep Shadowblack Lane. 22 characters are low, but im rarely loosing because of low character base - you have Flea Bottom and a lot of other tricks and sooo much draw to definitly see them! the new plot also helps in seeing more characters.

also since youre having a lot of 3x, they rarely die if u bring them once into the game - and if so, you have the fire&blood recursion. also its a good protection vs first snow. you can remove all attachments thanks to 3x viserys, 2x Nightmares and 2x hoj should be in every competitive deck, and the other events dont need any further explanations.

you have only 2 characters which can get warded (jorah+viserys). so if you ever play vs stark/banner of the wolf dont marshall them - keep them in the discard to use with Flea Bottom. Seized by the Guard is for annoying locations like Winterfell. if you have enough eco, you can play Favors From the Crown to drop a 6g Astapor and a 6g Seized by the Guard:) (costing you 10gold in total)

vs nightwatch you have to be realy careful with marshalling jorah/viserys/viserion. (Recruiter for the Watch!)

alltho you run so many low gold plots, you can play very efficiently. dupes dont cost anything and all your characters cost 3g max, except for pyrodany which is 5g. and since the new plot has 3g, youre probably always able to bring in a character.

ive also cutted Tourney Grounds because they were to vulnerable vs Political Disaster. with 2x Isle of Ravens and every location dupeable (and again: the new plot makes sure to be able to dupe them and also lets me have each location only 2x in the deck to gain more slots, only astapor is 3x to be able to protect it), Political Disaster is no problem. 2x Isle of Ravens also makes sure to keep your own discard pile in check vs nw who want to marshall your guys from your discard, or to keep enemy discard pile in check (Flea Bottom).

so if you wish to include more characters, you should cut 2x shadowblack lane & 2x Plaza of Punishment, im still testing how much they're worth it - but if youre cutting shadowblack lane, you need to either include 1 more Fire and Blood to have 2, or change the The King in the North with Ghosts of Harrenhal.




Regarding your update, you can't play The Hand's Judgment and The Dragon's Tail in the same deck anymore.

inahgiam 71

It's true that they added The Dragon's Tail to the Restricted List, but at the same time they removed The Hand's Judgment from it.

Bestialterata 142

No Missandei?

inahgiam 71

no, but now that i have included skahazadhan i think shes absolutely worth it! shes also good without skaha tho.