FFG House Greyjoy Intro Deck - The Krakens of Pyke

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Kakita_Shiro 773

Easy reference for anyone who wants to build this deck before the product comes out.

"The men of Pyke are not soldiers, they are raiders. Their strength comes from their ability to thit their opponent when they are at their least prepared. With the House Greyjoy Intro Deck, you are equipped to specialize in unopposed challenges with your most stealthy characters, such as Maester Wendamyr. Or, you may simply call upon the Support of Harlaw to give stealth to any of your characters. While your opponent’s back is turned, you can quickly and efficiently gather power to win the battle practically before it begins.

This deck is also designed to aggressively destroy your opponent’s defenses, encouraging you to strike first and attack whenever possible with a plethora of cards with the Pillage keyword, similar to the Lannisters. However, unlike the Wardens of the West, the Greyjoys make the most of every raid. Cards like Fleet From Pyke and Tris Botley reward you for moving cards from your opponent’s deck to their discard pile by increasing the versatility of your fighters or giving you the chance to remove a particularly nasty enemy from the game altogether. By striking beneath your opponent’s defenses and raiding their shores, you will soon have an impressive lead."

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Gotta love the 2x 7 drops with no iron mines lmao. I guess they are worried about including any cards from cycles that will rotate out first?