FFG House Baratheon Intro Deck - The Stags of Storm's End

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Kakita_Shiro 773

Easy reference for anyone who wants to build this deck before the product comes out.

"As the story of A Song of Ice and Fire begins, the Baratheons are the ruling House seated on the Iron Throne. This position gives them a House Intro Deck that focuses on winning dominance and the all-important power challenges at the heart of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game. While this goal is consistent across all Houses, the House Baratheon Intro Deck is filled with cards that offer you additional benefits for gaining power. For example, Ser Cortnay Penrose stands to gives you extra strength for the dominance phase or the chance to use him in a second challenge, while The Bastard of Nightsong lets you steal more power from your opponent.

Perhaps the most dominant theme of the House Baratheon Intro Deck is forcing others to bend the knee. While you can use the abilities of your loyal followers, such as the Dragonstone Faithful to increase your own efficiency, you can also force your opponent’s characters to kneel with events like Stannis's Wrath and Even Handed Justice. Kneeling characters keeps them from participating in challenges, helping you to control the battlefield and damaging your opponent's chance to win dominance at the end of the round. To further solidify your strength, you can use Light of the Lord and The Iron Throne to win dominance while still participating in multiple challenges. Your enemy will be left scrambling to keep up with your rapid pace as you rack up power and race to victory."

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