Of the Sun and the Sea

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WilleSnow 49

If you have a few characters on the table, for example Asha, Maester Wendamyr, Shadow city bastard and Theon, you are gonna play “Rise of the Kraken”. It has 8 initiative so you’re almost sure to get the initative (unless your opponent plays Snowed under) and “Rise of the Kraken” has 2 claim for an extra boost in everything. First you are gonna make an unopposed military challenge with stealth, with for example Asha and Theon. Asha will stand again and Theon will gain 1 power. That’s 2 power for unopposed, 1 for Theon and 2 kills for claim. And if you have “Great Kraken in play, you will gain another power (You can also use one of the many icon removal cards for unopposed challenges). Now you can make an intrigue challenge with Shadow city bastard, if you’re lucky this is also unopposed but if you’re not, you have at least knealt one of your opponents characters. Next you will sacrifice Shadow city bastard and neutralize another character, then you’ll make a power challenge with maester Wendamyr and Asha (But only if you cant get it unopposed otherwise). Asha will stand again and you will get 4 power. Then you have Asha to defend with.

This decks many unopposed challenges will mean that your opponent won’t kneel that many characters but Darkstar can kneel characters with intimidate, that is also why i have 2 filthy accusations. Dawn can also give House dayne escort or House dayne knight intimidate, and it is fine on other characters too.

Throwing axe and Tears of lys are there for killing that annoying character you cant get rid of.

Roseroad, Kingsroad, Sea tower and Blood orange grove are economy.

Seize the initiative and Ser Cletus Yronwood are there for extra initiative as it is pretty important.

As i said before are Attainted, Beguiled, Fishing net, Imprisoned, Confinement and all the stealth there for unopposed challenges.

Obella sand is protection against military challenges.

Plots are:

A clash of kings=initiative + extra power Filthy accusations=kneeling characters Heads on spikes=discard + extra power? + fine initiative Rise of the Kraken=look at the top Trading with the Pentoshi=Setup Valar Morghulis=total massacre (you can save some of your own with Risen from the sea.


TheBroFromHeaven 25

Great deck! :D

Toaster 14

@WilleSnow This is a very interesting deck, a few questions that popped into my head:

Are these locations enough economy to get the deck going?
Wouldn't you want Flea Bottom for Shadow City Bastard and Dornish Spy

imperial 1

the deck is interesting, i have done a similar one (but much older). from my experience i would say that 3cost theon is so much good with uo (mil or pow usualy get easily through). with so many martell char iron mines are much better than risen from the sea. i would improve economy, 7 locations are probably few. the idea is really good cause gj can do an insame amount of power on rise of the kraken turn but i would do some changes.